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Fr. Louis Roy, O.P.

Biographical Sketch

Born in the city of Québec, Canada, Louis Roy is a member of the Dominican Order and he holds a doctorate from Cambridge University. He taught at the grass-root level and at the Institute of Pastoral Studies in Montréal before becoming a professor of theology and philosophy at Boston College.

He has edited the French translation of two works by Bernard Lonergan, and published numerous articles and several books, among which Transcendent Experiences: Phenomenology and Critique (University of Toronto Press, 2001) and Mystical Consciousness: Western Perspectives and Dialogue with Japanese Thinkers (SUNY Press, 2002). He is interested in the affective, intellectual, and mystical aspects of religious experience

Can We Thematize Mystical Consciousness? (Full Article)

Lonergan's Contribution to the Issues of Faith (1998)

Moral Development and Faith (1995)






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