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Dr. Giuseppe Badini Confalonieri

Democracy as a Public Method of Searching for the True and the Good: The Epistemological Foundations of the Democratic Method
Translated by Donald e. Buzzelli
[Originally published as “La democrazia come metodo pubblico di ricerca del vero e del bene: I fondamenti epistemologici del metodo democratico”, in Antonio Salvatore (ed.), Europa Cristiana e Democrazie Liberali.  Edizioni Rosminiane, Stresa, Italy 2002, pp. 245-270 and revised for this translation by the author.]

The Principle of the Laicity of the State  and Sacred Images in Public Places: A Comment on Decision No. 4273 of the Italian Court of Penal Cassation
Translated by Donald E. Buzzelli.
[Originally published as “Il prinicipio di laicità dello stato e le immagini sacre nei locali pubblici: Commento alla sentenza della Corte di Cassazione penale n. 4273 del 1o marzo 2000” in Revue “I Tre Anelli-Les Trois Anneaux”, No. 4, October 2002, pp. 87-96.  Revised by the author for this translation.]



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